Starting this month’s theme on religion is an interview with graphic designer and photographer Teejay Dili Osuhor. Teejay was raised in a Christian household, but now sees himself as graduated from the institution of religion to living a conscious life with God.

Teejay shares a lot in this candid interview, from how his perceptions of religion began to shift and develop through the journey to finding God and himself.

In his sometimes humorous way of conveying his opinion on religion and spirituality, Teejay offers a profound view on how as human beings we must at least be thankful each morning for waking, and be grateful for that thing, whatever each person conceives it to be, for giving us the breath of life.


Part 1 (11:57 minutes)

In this part, he talks about the religion he was raised into, his present beliefs, how he came about the changes in his beliefs and how to practice his religion.

This is what he had to say when I asked what he thinks about religion- “I believe that we need to satisfy a certain area of our life that has to do with us connecting spiritually to our creator, and that’s where religion comes in.”

What’s your religion? – “My religion is life; God’s religion. God shows himself to different people in different ways, so people will respond in different ways. So I feel we should focus on God instead of on religion.”

More quotes-

“I don’t focus on the branch (religion), I focus on the tree (God), and I believe everyone should focus on that tree.

“Wake up! You have to know that in the end, it is you that God is going to judge and not Jesus. Jesus has finished his and gone, so save yourself! You know? Save yourself. You can’t just say Jesus died for my sins so therefore now I can sin.”


I and Teejay continued to talk after I turned the recorder off, but he said so many interesting things, and arguably insightful points that I had to turn the recorder back on. I didn’t want you to miss a thing!

I definitely milked the moment and continued to ask lots of random questions centred on his views on religion. I broke the conversation into 3 parts for easy uploading.



Part 2 (13:56 minutes)

In this part, Teejay talks about creation, his search for God and himself, control of the masses, growing as a human race, marriage, and being a son of God.



Part 3 (11:34 minutes)

This part is a continuation of part 2; he talks about not imposing your beliefs on others, Adam & Eve, the Bible, having a personal relationship with God and serving him.



Part 4 (4:59 minutes)

This is a continuation. In this part he talks about going beyond rudimental teachings, growing in your faith, the Quran, and rebels.



Interesting views indeed! I’m grateful to Teejay for openly and honestly sharing his belief on such an important and private subject.

Having conversations with him and other enlightened people was the inspiration behind the VSM( Voice & Soul of Millenials). It’s great that thanks to the internet, we can now all share ideas across geographical borders and landscapes. So if you ever feel alone in your thoughts or beliefs, know that there’s someone else like you out there. The mission of this series is to bridge that gap, connect like minded people and inspire others.

If you listened to all parts of the conversation, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with Teejay? Perhaps some of his beliefs, all of his beliefs or none at all? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

I want to hear from you!