Welcome to this month’s edition of VSM(Voice & Soul of Millenials). This month, we present conversations with millenials from different parts of the world who practice different religions.

We believe that humans have an innate tendency to connect with something extraordinary, beyond ourselves. Some call this thing God, the creator, the grand architect, a force, etc.

In different parts of the world, this “thing” is worshipped, served, or revered to in different ways, so we had the idea to speak to millenials from all over the world in order to gain their perspective and ideas on religion and spirituality.

Throughout history, many have fought wars, or struck their neighbours in the name of said religions, but as we continue to evolve as a species, we must ask, what is life?, what is the universal truth and how do we come together irrespective of differences to live a fulfilling life where all beings are happy and at peace with themselves and God?
We hope the views and beliefs of these featured millenials help to make others feel less alone in theirs, connect like minded people and inspire others.