By now you’ve seen several posts about my time in Ghana. Below are a few pictures I have from my trip to the Kakum National Park.

It was a sunny day as usual in the Cape Coast region and I had an amazing experience doing the canopy walk.

If you’re scared of heights you might want to sit this one out, but I challenge you even if you are to face your fears and have a once in a lifetime experience!

There were actually 2 routes to the canopy walk. When you cross the first bridge, you take the next right for the shorter walk or left for the longer one of 7 bridges. Just make sure that very excitable secondary school kids are not behind you. They were when I took the walk and their enthusiasm was a little bit too much. They will intentionally shake the ropes and jiggle the planks you have to walk on. Kids! What an annoying bunch! 🙂

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Photo Credit: Sewafolie