Let me just start by saying, no other product has left me as dissatisfied as I am with these lipsticks.

I was casually browsing my Facebook feed one afternoon when I came across a friend’s post stating that there was a discount for the Calvin Klein lipsticks. I decided to try it out because I needed new lipsticks and the bargain was good. Imagine getting 4 lipsticks for £10 from a well known brand. Yup, I was amazed.

However, I was initially sceptical to why a Calvin Klein product was so cheap, but I thought it couldn’t be awful so I bought it anyway.

Well, it was clearly a wrong decision!

The quality of the lipstick is very questionable. I mean, even as I apply it, it feels like it’s melting off. Also, it doesn’t apply on well and wears off as the day goes along making it look like a badly applied lip gloss.

I’ll spare you the trouble on this one, stay off!