If you knew this already, then lucky you!


In the past, I had thought I would look ridiculous if I ever tried orange blusher. I thought it was only a colour lighter skin tones could rock, so I didn’t bother. However, this assumption quickly changed when I saw a friend looking flawless with orange blush. She looked gorgeous, effortless and glowy, so I decided to try it myself.

Needless to say, I was wrong. Darker girls can rock orange blush too!

I had this palette from Sleek, but never used the orange one, but these days, it’s my go to blusher.

Have you ever given orange blusher a go?

Let me know your experiences 🙂



Trio of blush colours- Sleek

Tip- I use the middle one as a highlighter because it shimmers so need to buy another highlighter… yet!