I wrote another contributing feature on Bella Naija.

I guess I can now say you’ll be reading more of my writing on there which is targeted for their specific audience. It’s perhaps of a different style to what you’re used to reading here on my website, but as a writer, I’m interested in writing about a lot of things and their platform gives me the opportunity to talk about a lot of social issues in my home country, Nigeria.

I’ll keep linking the articles I write there on here so that you can read them if you wish.

This latest post was on demeaning jokes most comedians of the country use in advertising their comedy shows.

After watching one of such adverts a month ago, I got fed up of such narratives and in addition to the hash-tag ‘BeingFemaleInNigeria which trended worldwide, I finally decided to write about it. I guess the sense of humour was lost on me.

Check out the feature here.