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I technically finished my University education on the 12th of May, the same day I handed in my Psychology dissertation and my Sociology undergraduate thesis. Being the avid adventurer, I had already scheduled a trip the very next day to Menton in the south of France to visit a friend who was living and studying there as part of her study abroad year (ERASMUS programme). Also, four days later I jetted off to Italy to see another friend in Rome who I had not seen for almost 8 years since we finished secondary school; and to soak up the sun of course 😉 We all know that England’s weather can be shitty even in  late spring/ summer!

The very next day in Menton, I and my friend hitched a short train ride to Monaco. (Yes Monaco! you’re allowed to be jealous) Pictures of the trip will follow. And the day after that, it was off to Nice, and the day after? We rode to Villefranche-sue-mer. Gosh, Cote d’Azur is beautiful! The blue waves swaying onto the white sand beach is just a sight to behold. The French Riviera is definitely a place to visit in one’s lifetime. I wouldn’t live there permanently but a summer holiday on its coast will just be splendid. You can literally just hop on a train and get off at any stop that tickles your fancy and enjoy its numerous alluring beaches. “Explore” is the key word here. Once you’re done visiting places like Nice and Monaco or Toulon, explore and explore and explore the rest of the region!

Pictures below are from my trip to Monaco. The rest of the trip will be broken into several other posts otherwise this one will be too lengthy.

After leaving the airport, I had to take a picture as soon as we got off at Menton.


As soon as we got out of Monaco station, we could see that the city was gearing up for the Grand Prix that occurred the week later. And a few yards off all I saw was yachts upon yachts, upon yachts. Oh how the rich live! We can only dream eh?

This burgundy one immediately caught my eye. It was breath taking! Can you see it matches my lipstick? A match made in heaven I say 😉





Then we climbed up some steep road ( I don’t remember the details ok :P) to the Prince’s Palace. Do you see the guard behind me? He had to keep walking back and forth. No destination whatsoever. My friend said an officer from the army is chosen to guard the gates. I bet the officer wasn’t expecting his army duties to include pacing in front of the palace.



Then a view of more yachts and the beautiful city below…

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Then we walked around town where we encountered many a beautiful gardens..

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I actually didn’t go inside the Institut Oceanographique but it was definitely impressive from the outside.

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Inside the Cathedral.



Aaah and then I just had to stop by the casino which had the likes of Ferrari and Porsche  parked in front. I went in but had to hand in my phone and Nikon camera at a kiosk because photographs are not allowed inside the main casino. However, I had to pay 10 Euros to get in and since I couldn’t take any pictures, there was no need for me to burn my money just to see the casino’s insides. No doubt it would have been amazing. I mean, the front hallway was impressive already, but no thanks.

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Yes…. Strike a pose!