Last Friday, Nikki turned 21.



When I look back and try to remember when we first met, the first image that conjures up is one summer night on the Brighton Pier where I and some other ‘freshers’ had attended the Pier party set up by our student’s union. We had just arrived at University and were anticipating an exciting and wholesome experience; and boy we did!



You know, sometimes it’s quite nerve racking going somewhere new and having to make friends at the get go. Some people curl up into their shells, some nervously try to make an effort and others are just ready for the ball. That night, we were in for the ultimate freshers experience and made a stab for it.

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So here we are 3 years later, now living in London, still friends and trying to live the ‘adult life’ or whatever the ‘grown ups’ tell us. Like they say, we’ve been in a nestled bubble that is University life. It’s now time to wake up to the realities of life and smell the coffee.

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I asked Nikki how she felt now she’s 21, if she previously had any dreams about what her twenty first would be like and if she thinks she’s achieved them.



Nikki: “I feel like 21 is a new chapter. I guess I’m no longer a child and much closer to adult. lol ummm, I think I’ve reached my goals to have a job in an industry I want to get into. I don’t know how I thought it’d feel. Perhaps, less hungover.” (laughs)




It was wonderful to have celebrated such a milestone with her and here’s to many more birthdays to come!

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