Since the early 90’s when I was born, mini skirts has always been the Queen B and the reigning champion in the race for sexy skirts, but this season it’s all about the maxi’s.

Now, I’m not saying to hell with the mini’s. What I’m saying is, maxi skirts are bringing sexy back!

To all the female folks out there or other skirt wearing folks, aye! I hear your joyous cry.

No longer would you need tend to your hairy legs for hours in the bathroom, or labour without end only for your natural hair follicles to sprout again.

However, for those of you, myself included who have never had the unnecessary burden of shaving those parts of our bodies, we still welcome the change in style. This new look that we can rock without being branded as super conservative or whatnot.

It’s gone as far as ladies now wearing maxi’s to the clubs. These places that once upon a time seemed to have a culture of ‘how high can you go’

Anyways, whatever maxi style you choose to rock this summer, rock it well and rock it proud.

If you’ve read this site long enough, you’ll know that I’m all for stylish, comfortable and within budget style that neither breaks the bank nor leave you writhing in pain.

Fashion should be fun, stress free and an expression of YOU.












Watch how I style four maxi skirts on my YouTube channel. All skirts are from boohoo.