Nope, no shopaholic here!

I won’t lie, sometimes we all buy things that aren’t necessary; and even on other occassions, we talk ourselves into buying something not needed. However, on the whole, I tend to be very conscious of what I’m buying, and why I think I “need” it.

For such reasons, sales such as Black Friday and the likes are quite irritating, and I was appalled when in what seemed like out of the blue, the UK retail stores joined in the cash in of what is an American tradition.

The mega sales are no shy to violence. Often, you’d hear of cases where shoppers get into very aggressive squabbles over an item, and even cases of people being trampled on in the rush to be the first to get into the store.

So when I was asked about the Black Friday and my budget for Christmas shopping by some reporters during my last shopping trip at Oxford street, I was happy to tell them my thoughts on the matter.

It’s not a matter of being cheap, but frankly, I’ll mostly shop when I need an outfit or when I haven’t in a while and feel the need to get more pieces to complement the clothes I already have.

Yes, I love to dress well, but it mustn’t be at a damning cost. Whenever I shop online, as I mostly do these days, or go into a store, it’s for a reason.

I love to shop, but I’m no shopaholic. Some things are best done with measure, careful consideration and awareness. Awareness of our environment, awareness of┬ámaterialism, awareness of how much we really need to spend, and so much more.

Shopping with a purpose has served me well and I’ll happily say I’m penny wise when it comes to shopping. Still I believe in quality over quantity.

Whenever I buy any piece of clothing or jewellery, I’m always thinking, ‘what else could it be matched with that is already in my closet?’

You don’t always have to buy a whole outfit, top to bottom every time you want to go out.

Start being selective in how you shop, and build an amazing collection of items, and your wallet will thank you later. Not to mention, you’ll have developed a unique style of your own!

My last “shopping spree” was done during the boxing day sales on the 26th of December, and I was shopping for a purpose. I wanted more stylish work wear that I could wear during my first business trip. I wanted it to be formal, and still have that sophisticated touch that yells ‘young creative professional!’

Several of the pieces I bought and styled are below. Tell me what you think…


Shirt- Missguided, Trousers- Zara, Shoes- Primark




Shirt- Missguided, Trousers- Stradivarius, Shoes- Primark




Top- Stradivarius, Trousers- Zara, Wedges- H&M




Shirt- Stradivarius, Culottes- Zara, Shoes- Dorothy Perkins



Leather Skirt- Zara, Off- shoulder top- Missguided, Shoes- Dorothy Perkins




You see how I’ve used similar items for several of the outfits? ­čÖé