A few weeks ago, I embarked on a fruitful journey to Abuja, Nigeria. Although I grew up in Nigeria, I had never visited the capital, and was super excited when I learned I was going there for work.

I was accommodated at the Sheraton Hotel. I didn’t know what to expect  knowing what customer service can be in Nigeria, but I can honestly say that I had a pleasant stay.  Minutes after my arrival, I was put at ease with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at the Sheraton; or perhaps it’s the people themselves. There’s a calming you get in Abuja that is not readily present in Lagos!

Also, given the current situation in the North of the country, it was quite reassuring to see the amped up security at the hotel. Although after a while, going through the detectors every time you want to enter the building could get a bit tiring, I got used to it and knew it was for the best, and safety of all.

My room was very spacious and had the standard facilities expected in a highly rated hotel. Room service was superb and the cleaning of my room was managed brilliantly; and to my surprise, I received nicely arranged flowers after my first night’s stay which was a lovely touch.

During my stay, I used the gym which was equipped with the latest exercising equipments, however, a gym bunny like myself was not totally pleased because they didn’t have all the other fancy equipments I’m used to  😉

However, for such a massive hotel, the swimming pool could have been much fancier and the temperature regulated in the evening so it’s not annoying cold, but I guess that’s not a deal breaker.

And I mustn’t forget the buffet breakfast! Needless to say, that was my favourite meal of the day. There was the usual intercontinental and Mediterranean dishes, but nothing beats having all my Nigerian breakfast meals on the menu. I was definitely spoilt for choice!

So everyday, I had a different delicacy. What I wouldn’t give to have akara, ogi, zobo beans and stew, fried plantains and eggs, and so many others right now!

Yh I kinda grubbed a bit while I was there, and my tummy is suffering from all the carbs overloading! But who cares? I’ve got only one life to live 😀

All in all, I give them 4 stars!

It was a brilliant and comfortable workation.













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