Previously on TSB:  James was slapped by an intruder just as he was about to let Ovo into his house  to join the party.


James held on to his cheek which still stung from the slap. He looked aghast at the girl that stood before him, her hands akimbo, daring him to tell her off. His surprised look quickly turned into a smile as he took in the sights of ex-girlfriend Anita. He thought she looked mad, but sexy all the same. Anita was a sexy girl who had always had the hots for him. Yes, they had had their problems in the past; and their tumultuous relationship had lasted for a year until he broke it off a month ago on their last day at boarding school which had marked the end of their secondary school era.

He remembered that last day clearly. He had planned it so that she didn’t expect his true intentions for taking her out on a date. He had planned a lovely dinner at the sweet sensations restaurant close to their school. Anita had even wondered what was going on, thinking that he was going to take their relationship to another level. But no, she was served the surprise of her life. He was breaking up with her for good. He had told her that he didn’t want to keep her waiting on him and couldn’t bear a long distance relationship. Not being able to have her by his side or see her regularly will be too much he had said. So he had to break up with her. Anita had insisted they ride it out till he had to leave and decide then, but James was bent on his plan. He wanted out there and then. Of course he hadn’t told her that he wanted to enjoy his last few months in Lagos as a singleton before he left for London, because that was his main reason. James had cared for her and believed that he will miss her in his own way even though they had had an off and on relationship, but as far as he was concerned, there was no point in dragging their relationship since it was leading no where. He would rather enjoy the single life one more time before leaving the raving city that was Lagos.

James let go of his cheek and looked at Anita with that sultry eyes of his that always seemed to draw her in.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. You know how it is nau, I got so busy with organising the party that I forgot to tell you. But you’re here now, so it’s all good abi?” He cooed.

“But you didn’t forget to invite all those girls I can see over there ba?” She asked as she made her way in.

“It’s ok nau, oya come let me give you a grand tour myself” He said and led the way towards the winding staircase that led to his floor of the house.

“yeah yeah, like I haven’t been here before” She said and took his outstretched hands in hers.

While all this was going on, Ovo was still outside the door marveling at the scene before him. He managed to get into the house before the door slammed in his face. He was clearly forgotten as both of them walked on. He wondered what that was all about and who the girl was. Then he remembered that she looked familiar and must have hung around the clique when they were all in school together.

“Wow Anita, you look really good” James said and moved his hands to her waist when they got to his living room.

Although Anita was getting the response that she had hoped for when she put on her body con dress that evening to crash his party, she was still mad at him.

“So have you got something to say to me?” She asked and smiled sweetly.

James smiled as well. He knew what she was driving at and hoped he hadn’t given her any false hope. He definitely wasn’t going back on his decision. He decided to play the game.

“ What do you mean dear, ask you what?” He said and drew her even closer.

Anita had hatched a plan that she thought was sure to work. She had felt humiliated by the way he had dumped her on their last day at school and bragged to her friends that she was going to get him back after crashing his party. So there she was, with her sexiest dress yet, trying to woo the boy she had once called boyfriend. But she sensed that it wasn’t working. If anything, he was toying with her. He was interested in her alright, but she could tell that it wasn’t for the reasons that she had hoped. Anita was a loud girl. Loud with her dressing, conversations and bragging. She always had to be the best in all that she did, and wanted an ‘it’ boyfriend to keep the pretense going. She and James had a special bond, but she liked the status even much better and wasn’t ready to take no for an answer. She was determined to do whatever it took to get her way but she was also no fool. She knew that winning James back was perhaps no longer possible, and as much as she wanted it to happen, she also had enough pride to let go and not look desperate or clingy.

‘I’ll just have to win him back another way. I’ve done it before after all’ she thought and let James’ lips linger on her neck for a moment more before pushing him away.

“You know what I mean you spineless boy!” She shouted at him.

“Oh you thought you could win me back this way ehn?” He replied and laughed.

“Well I’ve told you the deal weeks ago. Let’s just enjoy the night” He said and moved towards her again.

Anita couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She was fighting back the tears and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry, so ran out before the first drop burst out her eyes.

James could hear her sobbing as she dashed out of the room in a hurry. He felt bad for a split second but shrugged it off.

“I don’t send. I didn’t invite her after all” He said to himself as he walked out.

As he walked out slowly not wanting to bump into Anita again, his phone beeped. He looked to see who had texted him and smiled mischievously. ‘This night is going to be interesting’ he whispered.

The night was still young and full of possibilities. James was ready to party all night and not even Anita was going to spoil it for him.


Coming Soon: Who texted James and what did he have planned for the rest of the night?