We’re living, breathing things. Our lives need not be exemplified by the extraordinary, always. We can be simple, complex, fun, stereotypical, hilarious, judgemental, silly, fun, intelligent, raucous, exciting, poor, rich, vengeful, happy, sad, hospitable and everything in-between.

Ours is not a single story.

Therefore, I share this story of a simple, ordinary day where Universities in Ghana came together to compete in a sporting competition hosted by the University of Winneba.









My sister’s friend was to compete in one of the games, so we tagged along on the first day of the competition; and as usual, I went along with my camera to capture the event.

When we arrived at the campus, we met her friend’s other friends and we walked around to the various games. And while I edged forward to capture the best moments, the others huddled behind and watched with that casual easiness that made them look cool. Luckily, I was borrowed a friend’s media pass and I was able to walk on the football field while the match progressed, hence the amazing images, however, I wasn’t so lucky during the basketball tournament.













Later that evening, we all conveyed at one of the friend’s apartment and enjoyed various Ghanaian delicacies like banku and shito, Ghanaian jollof rice, fish, suya and roasted pork. For the first time, I ate jollof rice with my fingers, the Ghanaian way. I must say, I wasn’t sleek in forming the rice into little balls and stuffing it into my mouth, but they hid the cutleries from me and said I had to eat it the local way, so I did.  It’s okay to say I won’t be doing that again when I eat jollof in the confines of my own home, but the experience was great.

I was struck by the kindness and hospitality of the people I came across while in Ghana. It was so easy to blend with the group and feel at ease with people I had only met a few hours ago. And so easy was it for them to share their meal as well as drive me back to Accra.















It was an ordinary day well spent, in the company of strangers turned friends, sharing tradition and having the best moments.