As the season begins to turn, and everyone is getting summer ready, there are some things you should consider before spending your hard earned cash on a new foundation.

Sounds interesting? Then read on to find out my thoughts on the Lancome Tient Vissionaire foundation I’ve been using. That’s, if you ever considered buying it.

I bought the Lancome foundation last year, but before then, I never considered Lancome for darker skin tones. In fact, it was after Lupita’s ad that I even imagined that the high end brand had a broad range. Big ups to their marketing team for that one. I can imagine they must have gotten more darker women purchasing their brand.

Anyway, I thought if Lupita’s colour was available, then mine would be too, so I went to Debenhams for a swab, and it matched perfectly!  However, there are some cons.



The quality of this product is definitely great! It covers my dark spots brilliantly, and at the same time feels very light weight, almost like I have nothing on. It comes with a pump for easy application and the bottle is pretty cute. I love that it also came with a concealer to apply on dark spots. Also, it’s great that it has spf 20!




It would soon be a year since I bought it and it’s not changed colour or gone bad. So you definitely get your money’s worth. I still have quite left so I reckon it will last a year since I bought it. Note though that I don’t use it everyday so perhaps that’s why it’s lasted this long.


Amazing foundation that matches perfectly to my skin tone, feels light weight, lasts long, and has spf 20. Also, it lasts all day so I never reapply, but then, I’m not really fussy about things like that.




It’s very oily, so I won’t advice buying it for summer. It was so bad that as soon as I finished applying, my face was already very shiny, even though I topped it with powder. This may be because I have oily skin, so matte foundations might be better for me. So if you have oily skin, stay away unless you’ll be using it in a colder climate. So for instance I used it throughout the winter and now spring, and it’s been fine. But as it gets warmer, I’ll be on the hunt for another foundation.

I hope this helps someone before splashing cash. Mine was about £36.