Let’s talk about the temperamental weather we’reĀ current having in London. I mean it’s less than a month to summer dammit! No one’s got the time to lug around coats.

So how do you dress for this weather?

As you can see fom my OOTD, I’m pretty much covered from head to toe. The turtle neck ensures that my neck is covered and I don’t catch a chill when there’s a breeze, and the material, light enough that I don’t break into a sweat.

The trousers is from a coordinate set I wore in this post where I visited the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos. And the peep toe boots keep my feet warm but it’s breathable and prevents sweaty feet. It’s a win win.

What do you think about the look?

What’s your style on temperamental days?




Turtle neck- Primark

Trousers- Coordinate set from Misguided

Boots- Forever 21

Hat- Peacocks

Earrings- Claires