It was that time of the year when it was already getting cold enough for my sensitive fingers to freeze without the protection of gloves. Don’t let the sun fool you, we all know what the British weather is like.

So yes, it was the thick of autumn, but since the sun came out to play, I decided to milk the moment and sneak in one last summer shoot.

I was cold; wasn’t in the best shape and wasn’t feeling the best about my body, skin and what not, but I had to live damn it! I had to live!

Sometimes, we look at people in pictures and all we see is the twirl and the smiles. We might not think to question that ever glowing smile. We put ourselves out there, so we smile for all to see, but images are sometimes deceiving…

Although I wasn’t at my best, I chose to be happy. I went to my friend’s who has this picturesque view right at her backyard and did the shoot. I smiled for the camera, and when I was done, went out for lavender tea and a good meal. I get cold easily you see, and all that twirling in the cold, albeit it being sunny did nothing for me.

I enjoyed reminiscing the last days of summer and went home feeling a bit better.





Here’s a little poem I wrote-

She Chose To Be Happy

You see that smile?

I made it happen.

It wasn’t a perfect day

but I made that happen.


You see,

what you don’t see in that twirl

is the girl that was growing uncomfortable in her body.

the spring in her step?

it hid the secrets she’d rather hide.

and yes, that smile?

it hid the swollen zit that had overtaken the right side of her cheek.


You see,

irrespective of all of that

she chose happiness.

She made what she wanted to feel.

Her aura evoked it all.


She wasn’t perfect.

but chose to be happy.






What an irony life can be! As I write this, I’m currently enjoying the blazing heat that is Lagos. So indeed, I’m having a double summer this year and reliving my summer feels, but this time, I’m well and feel good about everything.

Life is good, and I’m happy 🙂

Top- Missguided

Skirt- Asos

Shoes- River Island

Bag- Next

Choker & Bracelet- Boutique