In celebration of Nigeria’s 55th year since independence from the British Empire, I present to you the web series Crimson.

Daniel Etim Effiong, the writer and director of the series, describes Crimson as a series of short factitious thrillers loosely based on several mysteries within Nigeria’s intriguing political space.

The series unfortunately has only 3 episodes, and when I asked why such a brilliant series stopped after only 3 episodes, Mr Effiong revealed that the 3 episodes were shot as a pilot and due to lack of investors at the time, it was dropped.

Below is episode 2, “called “Your Cup of Tea” and is about “Chief ” a former Head of State who is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. He employs every trick in the book to wriggle his way out of trouble but finds out his worst fears have come from his past to haunt him.”

On the other hand, “Akin, the government agent in charge of the interrogation is hell bent on proving his case and HE IS NEVER WRONG.”

I feel it’s a shame that such a unique film that is rarely seen in Nigerian cinema has suffered such a fate. Anyway, enough of my rambling, enjoy!


Starring Seun AJayi and Toyin Oshinnaike. Written and Directed by Daniel Etim Effiong. Produced by Lala Akindoju. Photographed by Kagho Idhebor Crowther and edited by Mohammed Atta.