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My first time in Ghana was an experience indeed!

I say first time because apart from travelling there a few weeks ago, although I did when I was a baby, I no longer recall that time so it doesn’t count. It’s crazy how I lived in West Africa for 17 years but never really ventured past Togo which is one border away from Ghana.

Ghana has always been a country I’ve wanted to visit; and the love-hate relationship they have with Nigerians, made it all the more curious for me to want to experience their culture for myself.

So one very hot afternoon, I and my entourage rode on a rented bus to the Arts Centre in Accra to buy the local arts and crafts that Accra had to offer. I was super excited to be able to bargain. Why was I excited to bargain? Well, bargaining is mega fun!

Growing up in Nigeria, you had to learn to bargain at the markets otherwise you’ll be sold goods twice, if not thrice of it’s original value! I hardly get the chance to bargain in London. I mean, you can’t walk up to a high street store like Topshop for example, and ask them what their last selling price is.

Bargaining, which in Lagos we call ‘pricing’ is mega fun to me. Nothing beats the thrill in haggling with stall owners until one of us concedes to the others price. Most times, we find a middle ground both parties are happy with.

Aaaw, do you feel bad? You think you’re ripping off the locals? Well don’t be! They will never sell to you if it’s at a loss. Trust me. I tried to buy an ankara shoe but the seller refused to sell at the price I was bargaining for and even when I called his bluff and left, he didn’t call me back. That’s when you know it’s for real.

Anyways, I bought several items for myself and friends and family. So watch out for a future post of me modelling those items. (Update: Photoshoot with the items)

African wax print is gorgeous and although I don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe, my trip to Ghana has changed the tide swiftly, and I’ll be adorning the pieces I bought with delight. I already have actually.

The next time you see a young lady strutting her stuff in ankara or kente, it just might be me.


Starting the trip with a selfie hurts no one..

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Photo Credit: Sewafolie