Boudoir photoshoot in London

Bursting The Excuses

When we’re nervous about something, we tend to make excuses. Unfortunately, these excuses we give, sometimes limit us from caring our loving ourselves as we should. Of course, life can get busy – crazy amounts of work to do, family to carter to, errands to run, and the never ending chores. But wait a minute! Are you putting everyone else ahead of yourself? We also hear excuses such as “I need to lose ten pounds first” or “I just don’t have the money for this right now”.

However, I really wanted to write this post to show you that you are worthy of thisday of pampering and amazing experience. You should never be to busy for self love.

Boudoir photoshoot in London

I Have To Loose Weight First/I don’t Look like The Women On Your Site!

Why do you think you have to be a certain size to embrace yourself? Why are you comparing your size to everyone else, when no two women are the same? Every woman and body is so different and so uniquely beautiful. Even the models that you see on the front of magazine covers don’t look like that. They are all photoshopped. There is no ideal size nor shape!

If you look at the women on my before and after page, you’ll see that they’re all real women with real bodies! So whatever “type” your soul suit is, you’re fine just the way you are.

I think it’s wonderful to have goals and want to get healthy, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating yourself right now in this moment! True self love is loving yourself even if you aren’t at your goal weight, or aren’t where you want to be in life. Have a boudoir shoot to celebrate where you are now because that’s what is most important.

Boudoir photoshoot in London

I Just Don’t Feel Sexy. I Don’t Think a Boudoir Shoot Is For Me

This is far from the truth! In fact, this is a reason for you to have a boudoir experience, because it is for every woman. Whether you already consider yourself a sexy siren or need help getting there, a boudoir photoshoot will help you connect with your feminine power and sensuality.

Sometimes, we lose touch with our femininity or sensuality when life gets crazy with commitments, and this is normal. So a great way to find this side of ourselves again is to re-ignite it through a boudoir photoshoot.

Remember that what you wear to your session is going to be all about you and your vibe. You should only wear clothing that you feel comfortable and sexy in. If you aren’t sure of what to wear, not to worry. After our consultation, I’ll create a mood board which will help you with outfit choices that will illustrate exactly what style or mood you want captured.

Boudoir photoshoot in London

I Don’t Have Enough Time. I’m Just Too Busy!

It is good to remember that your mental wellbeing is also important. So you do need to take time out for yourself, every now and again.

Trust me, I know that it isn’t just that easy. I’m a self-proclaimed ‘multi-tasker’ and workaholic. However, one of my treats to myself is going to the spa for sauna and massages! Other times, it’s travelling out of the country to somewhere tropical so I can top up on my Vitamin D!

I also make the same excuses above and sometimes I need someone to remind me to slow down, give myself a break and enjoy the things I’m working hard for.

At a boudoir shoot you’ll be able to relax, get slammed up and love yourself for a few hours. Imagine all of the energy you’ll save on a daily basis if you stop comparing yourself to others, or stop worrying about what other people will think of how you look? You’ll get to see where your beauty really comes from and this helps to lifts any mental weight you might be carrying.

Taking the time out for yourself will be a real treat!

Boudoir photoshoot in London

A Boudoir Shoot Is An Investment And I Don’t Have All The Money Right Now

Yes, a boudoir shoot is an investment, but it’s an investment in yourself. You are investing in your wellbeing and confidence as well!

We do offer payment plans! In order to book your shoot, there is a booking fee, and afterwards, we can set up a payment plan for the remaining so that it might be easier to book a shoot! If you have any questions about our payment plans, send us an email – or schedule a call to talk more about what you’d want at your session.

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