So this post is all about my new phone case from Ego Sketch.

I bought myself a new phone in February; the Google Pixel and I was well chuffed about the expensive lil thing! I’ve not really been the type of girl to go crazy about phone cases, especially because all the fun and dope ones are mostly always catered to iPhone users. But since I was feeling hella good about my new phone, I decided to put in more effort into getting it kitted in a beautiful phone case. So I surfed on to Etsy, the online platform for handmade creative goods.

I found a seller and fell in love with their design. It was supposed to be a marble and gold effect case, but when it arrived, I discovered that the picture on their store had been quite misleading. While it looked great in pictures, it was poor IRL. And as you can imagine, I was bummed. I asked for a refund and got 60% of my money back and I thought well, I ain’t gonna bother paying for another fancy case. So I continued using the deceptive marble effect case, until about a week later when I got contacted by Ego Sketch. 

Yeah, it seems the universe wants me to have a dope phone case after all I thought. Long story short, I ordered a new phone case from their store at Ego Sketch. This time around, I knew just what I’d be getting since they deal only in cases customized with the customers picture of choice.

Here’s the process of getting myself a personalized phone case:



Placing my order was so easy peasy that I had to hit the back button to see if I missed any step. I was really surprised at how straightforward and easy to use their site is.

Now the harder part was picking out which picture I wanted to use. Should I use one from my travels or one of me? I went through all my pictures and was super undecided but finally decided on this picture I took in the studio for my 25th birthday.

customized phone case

I really love that you place your order by phone type and that they carter to lots of other brands other than the iPhone. Don’t get me started on how the iPhone monopolizes most accessories. Ugh I do dislike the hype that surrounds the Apple brand. Find yourself an iPhone user, and you’ve most likely found yourself a cray cray follower of the technology giant.

Right on the homepage, you select your phone type and it takes you to the next page where you choose the design type you want. Annoyingly, it had only one option for the Google Pixel, but when I checked(of course you know I will!), the iPhone had lots more options.

Oh well, at least they tried!

Anyway, after clicking on “Design now” it takes you to the next page where you can upload your picture and also include any text you might like. Then you’d have the tools to adjust the image and edit it how you’d like. And after that, it’s straight to the cart! So easy peasy, and no confusion. I definitely like this process much better than other sites that makes buying too complicated.



Shipping is totes free! Yeah, that’s my kind of shopping 🙂

Also, they say it takes about 2-3 days to deliver however, there must have been a glitch on my order because a week later, I was still waiting on my phone case at which point I contacted them to find out what was causing the delay. I got a quick response and they said it must have gotten lost in the post or something and that they’d send another one straight to me. 3 days later, indeed when I got back from work, my customized phone case was waiting for me. So I guess they do deliver on their promise. However, another 2 days later, I received another of the same case! So which was the first one I initially ordered and which one was the resent case? I’ll never know but either way, their customer service was great and they won’t leave you hanging if something goes wrong.


The Product

Obviously, I love my picture which was why I used it for the design. So I did know what I’d be getting. However, I was curious to see what putting it on a phone case would look like and I must say, I was a bit disappointed.

My picture was quite brighter than what the original picture looks like and because I do love my pictures darker as I’m drawn to the mysterious edge they give, I didn’t like how the picture on the phone case came out. Perhaps my preference or an effect of the type of picture that I used.

A big plus thought is the durability of the case. The back is hard, while the side is silicone and flexible enough to easily get your phone in and out of the case with no damage or struggling.

Another bummer though is that the design doesn’t carter much to the charging dock. In order to fit my charger properly into the phone to enable charging, I must take the phone case off. As you can imagine, I have to do this every time I charge my phone which is everyday, so that’s quite annoying and risky because in doing this so often my sleek phone can slip one day from my hands and……. definitely, screaming and kissing of teeth will definitely ensue! This is definitely the biggest downer of this case otherwise Ego Sketch does pretty well in customizing a phone case for most phone brands. Perhaps it might be different for their other phone case types, you’ll have to ask them.

customized phone case


Will I ever order from Ego Sketch with my own money?

Yes, but not if I have to take the phone case out every time I need to charge my phone.


Check Ego Sketch out and get yourself a snazzy new phone case 🙂