On the 10th of October, I attend the Brighton fashion week show which took place at the Old Ship Hotel on Kings road. The collections showcased for the Sustain catwalk were brilliant!

The show was expertly organised and planned well to give an intimate yet intriguing feel. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m glad to have attended the show and viewed the creative pieces. When one thinks about recycled material, I bet nothing grand first springs to mind, but most of the collections were a delight to behold; and I can see myself wearing most of the items from Hybrid Boutique. The fabrics and cut were feast to my eyes.

Nonetheless, all collections were fabulous, and these designers are ones to watch. Also, in an industry which is always being criticised for its lack of diversity in booking models and showcasing designers from different backgrounds, the organisers of Brighton Fashion Week were impressively inclusive. It’s about time others in the industry follow suite!

The show was opened by one of the show’s organizers who gave the reasons behind the collection and how sustainable and recycled clothing is the way forward. It only makes sense since most of us have more than enough clothes to fit in our closet space, and most, hardly ever being worn more than once.









Hybrid Boutique featured designers: Mojiana Jewellery, Anna Chocola Millinery, Natalie Courtois Vintage

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Jack Kindred Boothby (JKB)

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Brandy Nicole Easter

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Catherine Hudson

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Photo Credit- Sewafolie