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Shouldn’t we all know this?

Yet, there are times when we doubt that this very phrase relates to us. I’m talking about those infamous times when we’re at our wits end, knee deep in one issue or the other and we begin to wonder what life is all about or what it’s for.

I know I have.

Quite recently even, I was caught in one of those moments where I started to ask why me? Does it matter that I am here? Will it change anything if I never was or I’m suddenly gone?

It’s interesting that it’s mostly when we’re in a rut that we tend to ask ourselves these questions and never when we’re feeling good or on cloud 9.

If you’re still in that place or still doubt your relevance, let me shout it through the world wide web: YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Why? Well, because there is only one you, meaning that only you can do that thing that you’re here on this earth for.

No matter how evolved we get or how independent we feel, I believe that we’re all connected in one way or the other which means we’re all important to each other’s survival.

When I looked back at my close friendships over the years, I realized that each one of my friends were in my life at certain points when I needed them to be. In their own small or grand way, they were important to my existence and we carried each other along and aided each other through life’s ups and downs. We might not have known it at the time, but we were important to each other.

And this doesn’t relate to only  friends. If you think about different facets of life, there’d probably be a number of people who had played important roles whether you both knew it at the time or not. So what I’m trying to say is that despite knock backs or setbacks in life that may make you question your relevance, you are indeed important.

For me, most times when I think about my importance, it tends to link back to purpose. So I ask myself, what is my purpose? And then sometimes, when I play the devil’s advocate; I wonder- do I really need to have a purpose? Aren’t I just supposed to enjoy all that has been created and live life? However, that thing in me, perhaps call it a strong conviction, tells me otherwise. It drives me each day to keep going and work on that which I believe I’m meant to do and it gives me purpose and with that comes the knowledge of being important and there being a space for me in this universe.

I hope I haven’t failed on explaining why you, reading this blog is important; and if you need further convincing, think of it this way-

You are important because you exist. There are a number of things that could have happened, yet you’re here.  You breathe, therefore you are.


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