Meet Korra Obidi, Nigerian MGN 2014 Miss Congeniality, dancer extraordinaire, model for Beth Model Africa and co-founder of The Bodylanguage Company.

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I first learned about Korra who’s in her early twenties through the social network Instagram. I came across one of her pictures through the explore tab and I’m glad I did. In what turned out to be a series of likes on both our profiles, we became Instagram friends. In a world where the internet sphere is as abstract and remote as it can be, it is incredible that I’ve been awed by Korra’s creativity. I’ve been following her journey as she lives her passion for dance and performance with such tenacity and drive that I’ve been inspired!

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YAMI was born out of the numerous young creatives that I’ve been inspired by through personal interactions and social media; and Korra fits the model to a T.

S: What do the art forms dance and modelling mean to you?

K: To me dance is a spiritual expression of my emotions while modelling is a good outlet for my inner creativity. In addition, singing and writing also help with releasing some pent up creative inspiration.

S: At what age did you realise that you wanted to be a professional dancer and model or have you always known?

K: For me, dancing and modelling was a part of living, but I never thought I could make it a means of living because of the way I was wired(socialised) by default, not until my 2nd year in University at 18yrs old.Lol.  I had just won a pageant and I danced as my talent in the talent section, I got a lot of offers to back up dance for some big names and so the journey began…

S:  Would you say this is the career path you’ll be working in for the rest of your life?

K: Yes. I believe I was made for this. Even my biological makeup is proof enough.

S: Did you get professional training to enable you to dance at the level you perform at now?

K: I actually started off without any training whatsoever and then after some years saw the usefulness of sharpening my skills.  I was fortunate enough to meet a professional dancer who saw my potential and decided to teach me.  However, I attend workshops as often as I can to get fresh inspiration and to improve on my skill.

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S: What do you love best about what you do?

K: The creative process, the gush of adrenaline. The effects of a job well done. The applause, the success, the recognition.

S: What has been the most challenging thing you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are today?

K: The most challenging thing has definitely been getting the approval of my family and loved ones. I have always been a performer and strangely felt alive whenever I was on stage, that has never been an issue. Getting my father’s approval for my career path was definitely the most challenging obstacle.

S: So when you decided to dance and model professionally,  how did your family first react?

K: I had to convince them through my actions that this was my career and not just a one off for me. They warmed up to it gradually.

S: Sewafolie is all about creativity, passion and positivity. What advice will you give other creatives trying to follow in your footsteps to get into the industry?

K: Hard work would get you to the top. Do the work. Your work would speak for itself, battle mediocrity, say no to procrastination. HARD WORK not ASS KISSING or BACK STABBING.


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We’ve heard Korra tell it as it is!

Passion, less mediocrity and hard work is the way forward. I hope you’ve been inspired by this brilliant young creative who is following her passions fiercely and fearlessly. She’s a YAMI to be reckoned with!


You can join her for her dance event- Feet On Fire, every last Sunday of the month by 6pm at the Silverbird Galleria, Lagos.

To contact, book or learn more about Korra: Email-

Official website-




Photo Credit: Courtesy of Korra Obidi.


I’d love to leave you with this little wisdom from Karl Marx, the great Sociologist and Philosopher. He described four main ways in which man is alienated in the domain of work due to society’s structure. He enthused that man is alienated from the object he produces, from the process of production, from himself, and from the community of his fellows.

However, I believe that in this regard, the young creatives that are featured in the YAMI series, by steering their own directives in life and work, surpass this alienation of men.

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