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Travelling to Venice had been on my bucket list for the longest time. So when my mum asked where I’d like to go for our “girls only family trip” I didn’t waste time in screaming VENICE! I had seen so many wonderful images of the city on water that I wanted to see and experience it for myself.

Weeks later, we booked the trip for her, myself and my younger sister; and I was super excited. Unfortunately, my mum was no longer able to travel when the time came for the trip and my sister didn’t want to travel without her, so I called my good friend Yemi and what was meant to be a family trip became a girls trip.

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We spent about four days in Venice which was enough time to walk around the small island and visit neighbouring islands like Lido, Murano and Burano. Venice was what I had imagined and some more. I loved that we could walk around or take a water ferry as a means of transportation as there are no cars in Venice. The first day alone, we easily walked for about 4 hours taking in the sights and exploring. And just like I felt after visiting Barcelona last year, I believe Venice is one of the most romantic and idyllic cities I’ve been to in Europe so far.

Without saying much more, I want you to enjoy some of the images I took while I was there. If there’s any city in Europe that I’d recommend you travel to for a romantic getaway or an awesome break, Venice is it!

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