Young And Making It (YAMI) is a series of interviews with recent graduates and young people alike who are breaking conventions and skipping past the status quo, doing things their own way.

This series was inspired by several creative young adults who I’ve had the pleasure of being inspired by through personal contacts and social media; in addition to my personal experience of navigating through the art and creative world and creating a platform for exhibiting my writing and lifestyle experiences.

A YAMI is someone who is passionate about what they do and bold enough to take the first steps into achieving their dreams fiercely and fearlessly.

The prospective interviewee will be a young person no more than 29 years who has started their own business or in the works to starting a business or creative venture.

A YAMI feature will be anyone from anywhere in the globe. If you’re following your dreams and taking active steps to making it a reality, I want to hear from you.

We all want to be inspired and awed. Let’s hear your story and applaud.

*Young And Making It*


If you feel that you or someone that you know fit the profile of a YAMI, please contact me at