Your Weekly Soap Opera

TSB is a fictional series that is fast paced and hip. It trails five main characters dealing with issues of identity, self acceptance and responsibilities placed on them by family and society. The soap opera is packed with Drama, Romance and Real Life issues that today’s youths face.

Set on a back drop of Nigeria, Italy and the UK, this series aims to entertain, dazzle and engage readers.

New episodes are published on Mondays.

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The Characters:

James Badmus: Male, 18 years, Filthy Rich, Newly Single, about to study Engineering at Liberty College London

His permanent address is in Banana Island, Lagos where he lives with his parents and sister.

Interests- Fashion,Clubs, Cars, Girls

Maryam Danjuma: Female, 18 years, Wealthy, Single, about to study Sociology and French at University of Sommer (UK)

Her permanent address is in Banana Island, Lagos where she lives with her parents. She’s an only child.

Interests- Athletics, Family, Trying new things

Stephanie Chukwura: Female, 19 years, Middle class, Prefers not to say status, 1st year of Accounting degree at University of Rome

Her permanent address is in Apapa, Lagos and she lives with her parents and 3 younger siblings- two girls and a boy in that order.

Interests: Fashion, Gadgets, Men

Simisola Ukpong (Simi): Female, 18 years, Upper middle class, Single, about to study Law at Rutledge Green University Lagos.

Her permanent address is in Ikoyi, Lagos and she lives with her parents and 2 older brothers.

Interests: Clubs, boys, Literature

Ogheneovo Akonawe (Ovo): Male, 21 years, Working class, Single, about to study Political Science at University of Lagos.

His permanent address is in Mushin, Lagos. He lives with his mother and 2 sisters.

Interests: Newspapers, Music, a better life


Three best friends who recently graduated from private boarding school  find themselves embroiled in a bed of thorns. Their predicament forces them to disregard class boundaries and introduce an outsider into their inner circle. 

They made a pact of a lifetime, but would their new ally keep silent and maintain the bond that holds them dear?

Or would he bring their worlds crashing down?

For eternity is a long while away…