Hello lovelies!

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a fashion blog post so this may come as a surprise. But since I’ll be travelling in a few weeks, I decided to take the lovely people at Femme Luxe on their offer to review some of their clothes.

I’m travelling to Lagos and Ghana for ‘Detty December’ so of course, new outfits are in order! Not to mention Afronation in Accra so I was excited to go through their pages to find the best digs for my festival looks.

They kindly gifted me 5 items and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on them below. I hope you enjoy reading this post and do check out Femme Luxe for glam, stylish and totally fabulous outfits!

Loungewear Set

femme luxe loungewear set
femme luxe loungewear set

Whenever I’m travelling, I like to be as comfortable as possible. I always opt for an outfit that is stretchy, easy to take off in the toilet and keeps me warm in the cold airplane!

As soon as I set my eyes on this set, I wanted to try it out! It is comfortable, stretchy and easy to put on and take off. However, the material is very thin and not as thick as I expected it to be. While the fabric is smooth on the skin, it wouldn’t necessarily keep me warm so I’m a bit disappointed with it. Also the sleeves are a bit short for me and considering I’m only 5’6, that’s not a great fit.

Overall, I’ll score it 6 over 10 as it leaves much more to be desired.

You can check out their other loungewear sets here.

Bardot Polka Dot Dress

femme luxe bardot dress
femme luxe bardot dress
femme luxe bardot dress
femme luxe bardot dress

I loved this dress on their website as well as in person! It’s so cute isn’t it? It definitely makes me feel sexy when I have it on and I can’t wait to wear it out in Lagos.

The fabric is of good quality and of a stretchy material which means I can eat and not have my middle section looking like it’s been stuffed in a sausage!

I’ll give it an 8 over 10. You can check out more of their bardot dresses here

Mesh Top & Distressed Ripped Denim Shorts

femme luxe distressed shorts
femme luxe distressed shorts
femme luxe distressed shorts

If you’ve been on social media then you’ve probably seen this mesh top everywhere! You might not recognize it like this though because the criss cross string usually laced in the boob area isn’t evident on this top. In fact they provided the string but I guess someone forgot to lace it to the top. I tried it on like this and liked it. But if i wasn’t in a hurry when I was leaving my house to take these pictures, I would have attached the string myself.

That being said, I shouldn’t have to do that work as I was confused at first thinking it was a different top they had sent.

For this I’ll give them 7 over 10 for the mesh top. It is lovely though.

As for the distressed denim jeans, I’d say it looks better in these pictures than it did in person. The fabric used is of OK quality. I like that it’s not too stiff as that will make it uncomfortable because it’s tight.

When I saw it on their website, I wasn’t aware it was a short front, long back type of shorts. On it’s own it doesn’t look as nice, but when paired with this top and accessorized, it works well. So I guess styling your fits from Femme Luxe will do you good.

I rate the shorts 6 over 10 because I don’t particularly like the concept but still it looks good when paired with a beautiful top.

You can check out their other mesh tops here and their jean shorts here.

Black PU Corset Top

femme luxe PU crop top
femme luxe PU corset top
femme luxe PU corset top
femme luxe PU corset top

What can I say? this black PU corset definitely bangs!

I give it 9 over 10 because it’s not snug enough. So I’ll have to be careful when jumping during Afronation concert. I don’t want to pull a Janet Jackson. Lol

Check out more of their corset tops here.

In summary, I think the quality of Femme Luxe’s fits are good. The styles are fab and if you’re great at accessorizing, you’d look great!

It’s a good online store to definitely check out.

Good fits at a great price. Can’t complain!