If you know me, then you’ll know I love a good challenge! So when I noticed some healthy conversations going on over at Aloha, I thought to join in creating one of my favourite healthy dish that could be taken to ‘dish to pass’ also known as potluck!

As I looked through their recipes page, I was inspired to make a Quinoa dish I had created some months ago. The recipe is easy peasy and oh so yummy!

Keep reading to find out just how.


What you’ll need

Half cup of quinoa, 1 onion bulb, 1 tomato, 1 garlic clove, 2 celery stick, a handful of prawns, 1 maggi cube, hald teaspoon of curry powder, half teaspoon of dried thyme, 2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, hot paparika (as much as you like, depending on how spicy you want it!)

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This would serve 2 people as a side dish.



> Chop up all your vegetables.

> In a non-stick pot, pour in the extra virgin oil and heat.

> Add all the vegetables and seasoning.

> After about 3 minutes, add the prawns.

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> Stir with a wooden spoon until prawns are done and vegetables tender (as desired). This should take about 8 minutes.

> Add 1 and a half cup of boiling water to the mixture and then add the quinoa.

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> Leave to cook until quinoa has soaked up the water and is tender.

> This should take about 12- 15 minutes approximately.

> Keep checking frequently, and add a bit more water if needed to make the quinoa tender (not mushy!).

> Once quinoa is tender and done, turn of the hob

> Garnish with more vegetables if desired or with grilled salmon like I did.

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>Food is ready! Eat up and don’t forget to thank me later!


This is truly a delicious meal and quite easy to make with no fuss at all!

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Quinoa inspiration from Aloha can be found here.