Wondering what a CC cream is? It’s short for Colour Correcting cream. It’s quite similar to BB cream, however, it’s main purpose is to correct colour related skin problems such as sallowness, dark spots, especially for acne prone skin!

I decided to use a CC cream because I wanted something lighter than a foundation for everyday use. So instead of wearing foundation on days that I’m not attending an event or needing a full face coverage, I use my CC cream.

The Sleek CC cream has been amazing. It offers me the light coverage that I want and feels lightweight. It’s easy to apply and lasts throughout the day. It also contains SPF 20 which is great for protection against the sun.

I haven’t had any issues with this product and it’s lasted for up to 6 months now, so it’s definitely worth the price for the quality, not that it’s expensive anyway.



If you want to try a CC cream, I’ll definitely say give Sleek’s CC cream a go 🙂