In this quick interview with fashion blogger Shewa Jay, we learn about how she started blogging and the things she enjoys the most about living London.


S: Please introduce yourself to the readers

SJ: My full name is Adeshewa Kalejaiye, but I’m known amongst friends as Shewa Jay. I’m currently studying Law at the University of Greenwich.



S: What inspired you to start blogging?

SJ: I never really knew much about fashion blogging, I just liked to take pictures of items and display things I was wearing. But recently, due to social media, I realised there are other people doing the same thing, but they weren’t just doing it without a purpose like I was. They were earning from it, turning their hobbies into an ambition. So I started blogging because I already had an interest in it, but still it wasn’t as an ambition. However, as time went on, I decided to work on it as a means to get the bills paid and not just as a hobby.





S: Have you always lived in London?

SJ: No, I’ve been in London for two years now because of my studies.


S: What’s your experience been like coming into a new culture?

SJ: London is very different from Nigeria so it’s been interesting and quite adventurous. I feel like I’m not just here as a student, but also a tourist. Due to blogging, I get to explore different places and meet different people and it requires me to be more friendly because if I’m not really social, I don’t think I’ll be able to go to many places.

To be a blogger, you need to be adventurous. In this city, there are so many places to go to and so many people to meet and British people are very friendly.




S: What are your favourite things so far about being in London?

SJ: The food! I love that there are a variety of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world.


S: What are your favourite places to shop?

SJ: I shop at Newlook, H&M, River Island, etc. If you want to get really trendy stuff, you could shop at Forever 21. I’ve also noticed that the smaller the mall, the fewer things you’ll find and most times, they are ridiculously expensive when compared to the same store brand in a bigger mall. So whenever I plan to shop a lot, I go to bigger malls. I recommend going to Westfield.


S: Where are your favourite places to go for leisure?

SJ: I’m a food lover, so I mostly go out with my friends to eat and explore different restaurants. In addition, I enjoy going to the movies. Last week, I found out about a place in Covent Garden where lots of tourists frequent. It’s like a recreational park with lots of rides just across the Gap store. I don’t have much of a nightlife, I just tend to explore new areas because of my blog.


S: Where would you recommend anyone coming to London to visit?

SJ: Firstly they need to check out Covent Garden. Secondly, Westminster, especially Westminster Abbey, it’s a beautiful area with shops too. And of course, you can’t visit London and not go to Oxford Street and the popular London Bridge!

Also the Brooklyn Bowl for bowling and parties at the O2 is really cool, check that out!




S: Are there any other unique things you enjoy in London?

SJ: London can be boring if you’re not social. You’ll have to be able to walk up to people because no one would just start a conversation out of the blue. Everyone minds their business and even foreigners have learned to keep to themselves. So it’s not like America where you go out and it’s fun all of a sudden. You have to be social and try to be adventurous, explore and make friends.






I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick spotlight on fashion blogger Shewa Jay. There’ll be more spotlights on various fashion bloggers sharing their love for the city. I hope you enjoy the view from their eyes.

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