They say time flies when you’re having a good time!


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This little milestone that I’m now marking as a year has in fact been a long time coming even if I never knew it was.

In late January of last year, just as I finished writing my last exams at University, I decided to create a website to showcase my short stories and soap series. This was as a result of wanting to do something creative that was intrinsic rather than being propelled by external forces.

I had gained the epiphany that writing was something I could not only do, but do very well, so I gathered the courage to work on getting the website launched before I lost my steam and retired back into my “closet”

By the end of February, the website was ready and then while I worked on my first couple of posts I geared to launch on the 15th of March.

So here we are, another 15th of March a year later, and Sewafolie is still standing, and for this, I give thanks.

I give thanks to God, I give thanks to friends who have cheered me on and of course all my readers- those who’ve been kind enough to leave a comment, and those who didn’t but came back time and time again to see what I was up to. Seeing the number of views I get each day encourages me to keep going!

Moreover, I’ve had comments from people I don’t know, and this has served to encourage me and most especially, reassure me of what it is I’m trying to achieve with this site.

I’ve always hoped that it would serve as a source of inspiration to others. For you to read and think, well if she can do this, then so can I! This has been the driving force of my interview series with young entrepreneurs and creatives, and I really do hope that you’ve taken away from the many stories my YAMIs have been able to share.

I also want to thank all the lovely people I’ve been able to interview and feature on Sewafolie. It’s been a pleasure working with you all. I’ve truly been inspired by your drive in pursuing your passions. And of course, I can’t forget Angela Ogunfojuri who has done an outstanding job in helping me with the beautiful photography for several of my posts.

It’s been a great year since my launch and I’m looking forward to even better, this year and in the future.


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Comments to date – 154 comments

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Future projects?

  • I want to take Sewafolie offline. Nope, not offline for good. What I mean is, I want to host my first Sewafolie event this year. Plans are already in the works and more details will follow soon, so watch this space. If you reside in London or the surrounding areas, you’re in for a treat!
  • As you know already(if this is not the first post of mine you’re reading), I’m taking a novel writing course and have started working on my début novel. I’ll be sharing progress reports as I go along. You can read a short story about my protagonist here
  • I’m working on my photography skills and want to start working with models(“guinea pigs” lol) as long as time permits! I’m so busy that I don’t even know how possible this will be, but if you’re interested in a photo shoot, contact me.


More Sewafolie?

  • Follow my instagram to enjoy my poetry, photography and more on what I get up to that’s not on the site.
  • Follow my Facebook to find out what I’m loving on the internet, articles that are making me go gaga and chat about topical issues.

As always, be inspired and go out and chase your own dreams! We’re striding fiercely and fearlessly this year.

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Lize Okoh(SewaFolie)