I watched this short film and immediately thought that it was time for another Series Love where I bring you amazing works by young creatives creating great things that is thought provoking and inspirational.

I’ve been hooked to Issa Rae’s You Tube channel ever since her Awkward Black Girl days, so when I finally caught up to the latest short in her #ShortFilmSundays offering, I was so moved by the story I thought it best to share. Especially because International Women’s day was just last week.

This story of a young woman who makes a decision and carries it out solely was telling of the many struggles women face, and how no matter what, we always pick ourselves up and carry on living the best way we know how.

I’m not interested in debating over the content of the story itself, or the decision made, but of the sheer will and strength the main character shows in the face of such adversity.

Enjoy and mostly, be inspired!


SOLELY is a provocative day-in-the-life of a young dancer and her heart-wrenching experience dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Alone in her decision, Lexi stands firm in her resolution while attempting to find solace and grace in its wake. In its raw depiction, Solely is an unflinching portrayal of a woman exercising control of her body. Starring, produced & written by Madia Hill. Directed by Anna Nersesyan.
Instagram: madiahill
Website: http://www.madiahill.com