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I travelled miles and miles to leave the horrid British weather which was turning to a rainscapade at the time, to the tropical and gorgeous weather that is typical in Ghana. Such is my life eh? Well, truthfully, I was there for a wedding. All the same, I was going to milk the occasion for what it was worth. I was the resident photographer for the whole trip which began in Lagos, Nigeria. Check my post on playing house in VGC to peep my chillaxing in Lagos.

While the bride and other bridesmaids prepped for the rehearsal dinner, I went to cool off by the pool. Totally not needed since cooling off was better done in the air conditioned room in my apartment, but I didn’t pack a bikini for it to look pretty in my suitcase!

Chale! Ghanaian sun is on another level, but out in the sun I went and a photo shoot was in order.

For once on the trip, I was the star in front of the camera. Watching Tyra Banks in ANTM had taught me how to smize, and I was ready to werk.

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Photo Credit: Ufy Okupa