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It is no secret that Lagos is unofficially divided into the mainland and Island. Those on the mainland dread the commute to the Island due to the horrific traffic that is part of daily life in the mega city, whilst Islanders on the other hand, wouldn’t want to be caught dead going to the mainland. It’s just not what they do.

The Island hosts several posh gated communities such as Banana Island, VGC, Lekki et al. These communities houses homes that would stand tall with the likes of luxurious homes in the world. It was one of such homes I was fortunate to reside in two weeks ago.

As soon as I saw the guest house in Victoria Garden City (VGC), I was excited to have returned home. Forget what you’ve seen or heard about the BBC documentary- Welcome to Lagos, Lagosians know how to do it big! The phrase go hard or go home was coined for Nigerians.

My stay in Lagos was uber comfortable. From the fully air conditioned house to the air conditioned cars, I was driven around town like a spoilt brat. It was easy to revel in such a cushioned life and I might as well have been somewhere else in the West and not in the broiling heat that is Nigerian weather!

However all the niceties I was afforded, I couldn’t help but remember that such is not the life of all Lagosians and for that we need change. Albeit that it’s a process that’s only coming slowly in Africa’s largest economy, it is one that is much needed and strived for.

And as Nigerians fondly say, even if ignorantly, “With God, all things are possible”

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T-shirt: Allen and Fifth;      Shorts: Asos;      Wedges: H&M;      Sunglasses: Thrifted;    Wrist Watch: Nine West

Photo Credit: Ufy Okupa