It’s been a while sine I talked about my Novel Writing course; and perhaps you’ve been wondering how I have been finding it.

Well, it’s been fantastic so far, and I don’t see it getting dull any time soon!

When I decided to attend the course, it wasn’t because I needed someone to offer ideas for my book, rather I saw it as a means to sharpen the tools I already had and learn something new in the process. After all, writing a novel is something I’ve never done, and it’s very different from writing short stories, or web series as I’ve done in the past.

Anyway, two weeks ago, my class was given an assignment by our tutor to write about the protagonist of our novel. It didn’t matter what we chose to write, she just wanted us to write something that described, or told something about our protagonist.

Immediately the task was assigned, I knew what I would write mine about!

As you’ll see, I decided to write about my protagonist through the eyes of her boyfriend. This piece is most likely not going to make it into my novel. It was just an idea that sprung on me in class when we were given our weekly assignment.

Here goes:

It was a beautiful scintillating day, with no clouds in the sky. It was the type of day one read about in a novel, that kind that was perfect for a picnic date and frolic in the sea.

 He looked at the girl he was falling in love with. ‘No, not falling in love’ he thought and smiled. He realised that he had passed the falling in love stage, and was actually in love with her.

 He looked at her lean and well toned back, her frame mirroring that of an athlete, and sighed. She looked amazing. Everything about her seemed effortless, but he knew that she had to put work in the gym to get that physique. However, that never bothered him. He loved a girl who knew what she wanted and went for it with gusto.

 There! That’s what she had- gusto. In fact, too much of it.

 She was ahead of him now, laughing that melodious sound of hers, bringing him out of his daze. He looked at her twinkling eyes, like that of a bright star on a moonless night. She dazzled him. From her smooth chocolate skin to her springy magical tresses, every bit of her was a joy to behold.

 His gaze descended. She was biting her full lips, giving him a quizzical look. Then he realised what she was saying. She wanted him to jump off the cliff with her.

 This girl of his must be mad! ‘Jump of the cliff?’ He was about to protest when she ran forward and shouted over her shoulder: “See you on the other side!”

 He ran as fast as he could, but before he could reach the edge, heard the splash; and then he paused.

 Seconds later, he heard her laughing and found the courage to peer below. She was thrashing in the sea, all care abandoned, having the time of her life.

 He smiled again. This girl of his was daring. ‘What was life before her?’

 He didn’t think for too long. He summoned the courage and jumped off the cliff, just like the girl before him and hoped for the best.

Life with her was a series of firsts, a never ending symphony.