I attended the second largest off-schedule fashion show for the spring/ summer 2015 collections. Fashion Finest is hailed as a platform that features a diverse array of designers and models from different backgrounds. In an era where the fashion industry is constantly being criticised for its lack of diversity in casting models of colour and designers who don’t necessarily fit the status quo, Fashion Finest has branded itself as a leader in a forward thinking and fashion conscious generation.

The designs were very impressive and the designers, inspiring.

Seven collections were shown at the 2pm show. However, due to some personal logistics, I wasn’t able to get any footage of some of the earlier show. But those that I did get, were exquisite and incredibly wonderful.

Rachel McMillan – UK

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Temraza – Egypt

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Bliss studio textiles- UK

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Vietinio – Vietnam was my favourite of the day

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Photo Credit- Sewafolie