It’s been a while, if at all I made a post strictly about beauty products.

I’ve shied away from it mostly because I’m not a product junkie, I usually stick to a product for a long time before buying another. I hardly loose things, and because I have several colours and shades of lipsticks, each one tends to last for a long time.

However, it’s time to shake things up a little; and for you to find out what lipsticks I’m loving at the moment.

Lipsticks are the one beauty product I can’t do without! Lipstick over foundation any day!

Find out the 4 intense colours I’m loving at the moment.


1.  Pretty in Pink

I created this look using a £1 pink lipstick from Primark. Yes you read that right! And then to add gloss, I used Thai Orchid Gloss Me from Sleek to finish off the look. This look is pout worthy 😉








2. Cool Blue

I walked into Inglot for the first time last week and stumbled on this blue shade and fell in love. I’ve been looking for a quirky lipstick for ages, but I only ever find them online, and because I didn’t want to buy before swatching, I never did. Last week, the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Try this look for an instant cool kid factor.










3. Bad ass Queen

This is one of my favourite and most go to look. Although this might be seen as moody makeup, I don’t see it as such. I dress more for the ‘look’ I want, rather than how I’m feeling(mood). So I can be very happy and still rock this. I call this my bad ass look 😀

I used Cherry from Sleek, which I mostly wear on its own, but when I fell like going darker, I go over it with a black lipstick as I’ve done in the pictures below.










4. Sexy Red

What more is there to say about a red lipstick? It’s been a classic since the 1920s and is not going out of style any time soon. In the pic below, I first used Brooding Plum lip liner from MUA to line my lips, then went over it with Ruby Woo by Mac. I think everyone knows about Ruby Woo by now. If you haven’t, then I really don’t know where you’ve been living all this while.

This look is all about feeling grown and sexy. I’m sure you can relate 😉










What did you think about the different lipstick looks? Which one of them are you most likely to rock? And which other one will you wear if you ever feel adventurous?

Liked this post? Let me know! 🙂