Adventure hardly finds the meek, usually you go hunting for it.






I grew up in a society were often, and is still the case, people look across the border for a magical experience. In Nigeria, it’s usually about which embassies are now easily giving out visas. Almost everyone wants out!






However, when I returned, I believed that there just had to be more Lagos could offer than it’s many wild night clubs. I was so right!






Lagos is no longer the Lagos of before o! I’m now quick to tell friends in the diaspora. One of such adventures I embarked on was a visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre. I had heard about it in passing and didn’t know much than it had a canopy walk, so I went seeking for a good time as per usual 😉

Enjoy the sights with me!






The nature trail was so long I was beginning to worry I had missed a turn. As I walked along, I could see little Monkeys jumping from one tree branch to the next, which made me a bit anxious as I muttered under my breath- Please don’t jump on my afro




The nature trail was a bit disappointing though, there weren’t as many animals as I would have hoped to see. And although there was a Crocodile spotting shack, none emerged and I quickly got bored and moved along. I did see several peacocks though, and a tortoise, birds, Catfish and Monkeys as I previously mentioned.







The conservation centre is massive and as I got to the canopy walk and continued on thereafter, I realised it was more than I had thought.




The pathway leading from the forest to an open air field was incredible. The centre has so much potential that I couldn’t help but mentally scream #Tourismgoals! It actually made me sad to see what poor management was doing to the place.

I could already imagine what it could have been like if it was re-branded effectively as a hot spot for leisure relaxation. I mean, the were human size draught and chess boards, a volley ball sand pit, zip lining structures, a tree house, barbecue stands and relaxation huts to set anyone’s lust for adventure going, but oh no, it was dead quiet during my whole visit.





I could even feel the sea breeze, and the tour guide relayed that just beyond the other side of the field and then forest,was the sea. The field was covered with white sand in most parts already, so imagine if there was a beautiful trail that even led out to the beach? Now that’d be balling 🙂





I looked around the centre and saw so much potential being wasted and I sighed. When I walked back out to the reception area, I was surprised to notice that there was even a huge library which contained various books on conservation and the likes, but sadly it was shut and wasn’t running as it was supposed to.


I have many hopes for this place and hope it blooms to it’s potential soon enough. I was handed a survey to complete during my trip, and I hope the information I provided and that of others would be used to take it to the heights that it need be.


But however the inefficient use of this awesome space, I still enjoyed it in my own way.

We need more and better spaces like this, and it’s time we begin to look inwards instead of booking the next flight to country A, B,C…


The grass can only be greener where it’s watered.