It’s been awhile since my last spotlight interview, but not to worry, I’ve got another great interview with fashion designer Hetty Maria, to keep you inspired and hungry to pursue yours. Keep reading to find out how she moved from Ghana to England and made her dreams of owning a fashion line come true.

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S: Hello Hetty, please introduce yourself to the readers

H: My name is Hetty-Maria, I’m a fashion designer/stylist born and raised in Ghana, West Africa where I trained as a fashion designer. When I moved to the UK, I needed a means to survive so I did different kinds of jobs but nothing gave me joy.
I struggled as an African woman with curves to find the right clothes in the stores and after carefully researching, I realised that I wasn’t alone in my struggles.  Often, people with curves are in the wrong size of clothes because clothes are mass produced and not made with the curvier woman in mind. Taking all these into consideration,  I decided to return to my passion, which is fashion and created HME Creations.

I believe  there’s beauty inside of everyone and I’m passionate about people looking  elegant. So as this intrinsic passion grew, I decided to follow my heart. I started making clothes for myself  in 2014 and then started taking orders from the public last year. I made my first public appearance last year at an African event in Coventry, where I had 18 models showcasing my clothing line on the runway.  

In May this year(2016), I independently organised a fashion show and attended 2 community events also.

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S:Who taught you how to sew?

H: Well I’ll say I come from quite a fashionable family but my sewing ability I guess is an in-built one. “Needle work” as we called it, was one of my favourite subject during my primary education. However, even though I studied fashion at secondary, I first went into cosmetics and gold business for a while, then I later enrolled at Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design (VSSFD) and then did a few months internship for feather polishing.

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S: What inspires your designs and creations?

H: Inspiration truly is everywhere. I’m mostly inspired by nature, rich colours and textures of african print, etc. But one of my strongest source of inspiration is people. I believe there’s beauty inside of everyone, so I create designs to help bring out one’s inner beauty.

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S: Who’s your ideal customer, what’s your price range and do you ship internationally?

H: My ideal customer loves rich and vibrant colours, believes in simplicity and is passionate about elegance. Our price range is from as little as 40 pounds and yes, we do ship worldwide.

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S: Are your garments made to order or ready to wear?

H: We have both ready to wear and made to order clothing. This is because at HME, we believe every one individual is unique so having garments made just for you gives a special feeling.

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S: What have you learned so far in your journey?

H: I’ve learned to be true to myself. I have also learned to relax and sing, to research when I feel stuck and uncreative, and most importantly remain focused.


S: What advice can you give other budding fashion entrepreneurs and what steps can they take to start with their dream of owning a business?

H: Fashion business is an interesting path for one to take. Be passionate, driven, believe in your dreams, pay attention to detail and dare to be different.

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S: Where can we reach you?


   Instagram: HME_CREATIONS


   WhatsAPP: (+44) 7906516917