What is well- being to you?

No matter what, I say it should be top on your priority list!

I’ll be sharing my food and original recipes on this page. In addition, I’ll give you tips on healthy food alternatives.

At the end of 2013 I decided on my new year’s resolution for 2014- To be a Vegetarian for the first quarter of the year and to get fit and tone up, especially my stomach and arms. I can honestly say I have kept my word and haven’t looked back.

To all my Africans here who cannot fathom how ‘veggies’ could be delicious, I say I have been there.I once thought the same. You won’t believe how I now love broccoli considering how I loathed it in the past.

We can all live healthy lives whatever our food preferences. If you can let go for one minute. you’ll find that it’s mainly about trying new things, and customising it to fit your taste buds.

I’ll also share my fitness tips and exercise routines. Bear in mind that my main goal is to tone up not lose weight; but I have somehow dropped a dress size. I am now a UK size 8 (US size 4).

I would like you to join my health and well- being  journey.

The time is now!