Tivoli during my visit in the day.

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Could my first time travelling to Copenhagen have been a coincidence?

It seemed like it was only a couple of days after I had watched a CNN programme about Denmark being the happiest country in the world, that I then received news that I would be visiting there!

Two years ago, I spent Halloween in Canada. I and some international exchange students travelled to Toronto to experience the fright night at the Wonderland theme park which was transformed to a freaky fest for parkgoers that night. The experience in Toronto tops no other on the rank of scares. There was mist almost everywhere, ghouls, ghosts, zombies and dead goons popping out of one corner or the other to give us the fright of our lives. I even had one zombie grab my legs as the mist blinded my view. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed as loud as I did that night. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and I couldn’t imagine how any other Halloween themed park would beat it.

The Tivoli gardens has definitely come close, if not on a par as Canada’s Wonderland. Tivoli however, is different in that it’s not really scary or a fright at all. It’s more of a visual pleasure that leads to an almost never ending crescendo in every turn. While I was there, I was so fascinated by the design and plan of the site. I need to meet whoever was in charge of the design and architecture. They sure employed a very creative bunch to please park attendees. I was delighted to no bounds during my visit at the Tivoli. Needless to say, I didn’t want to leave! But every good thing comes to an end eh?

Oh and I must add, even the restaurants were delicious sights to behold! The buildings were designed by a genius who not only beautified them, but built through them, characters which transcended to the environment.

The Tivoli Garden is a creatives candy store of candy stores!

Orgasmic visuals in a park.


Tivoli at Night


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Photo Credit: Sewafolie