What’s style to you? I say it’s everything.

Whoever said your first impression counts wasn’t bluffing.

However, that doesn’t mean splurge splurge splurge! Although I love being stylish, I’m a thrifty shopper. I buy key pieces that would last for seasons and match them up with items already in my closet.

Might I add that being stylish doesn’t mean compromising your comfort. To me, if you’re in pain,  it’s not worth it or fashionable for you. Yes, you can be fashionable and comfortable. It has to come natural, otherwise you’d be kidding yourself.

I’ll be showing readers how to wear an item in different ways to suit different occasions.

When styling, there needs to be some thought to it. I personally don’t like to buy clothes when they are hot in trend. I don’t like the Tom Dick and Harry look (ie. looking like everyone else!)

Keep your eyes out on what’s in the stores, scout online shops as well; then when you’re ready, buy stylish items close to the trend but not in every store around the corner. I hate nothing more than to wear an item that everyone knows where it’s been bought from.

Keep them guessing ladies. It always does the trick 😉