It’s not every day that one gets short listed for a prize for literature so I have to share my excitement.

Etisalat has at the core of its vision, encouraging and inspiring creativity. Having this in mind, the flash fiction category has been established in order to cater to the large amount of interest received from unpublished writers across the Continent. In order to garner some publicity for the art of flash fiction writing and the writers themselves, this category of the Prize will include the participation of the general public in the selection process.

All entries had to be a maximum of 300 words.

Winning Author

  • £1,000 cash prize.
  • High end device.
  • Published e-book promoted online and via SMS.

Runners Up (2)

  • £500 cash prize (each)
  • High end device

Dear friends and readers of, your girl has been short listed! It’s been a great boost of encouragement and I’m indeed happy in the nomination in itself, but it would be great to win or even be in the runner up. So please VOTE for me.

Read my entry and please vote and share with all your friends too!