Here’s another quick recipe for you to try. As usual, even a kitchen freshie should be able to make this.



I substitute white potatoes for sweet potatoes as they have more benefits, and are nutritious and delicious!

I used 1 whole sweet potato. It was peeled and cut into block shapes.

Then I sprinkled a bit of salt and olive spray to coat it and popped it in the oven for 24 minutes(12 minutes between sides) using 210 degrees heat.



I used 1 chicken breast fillet, which was washed and diced into chunk sizes.

For seasoning, I used a teaspoon of extra olive oil to coat the chicken, half a teaspoon of black pepper, dried thyme and 1 maggi cube.

. In a work or frying pan, heat another teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil then add the already seasoned chicken pieces.

. Leave to fry for about 4 minutes then turn over to the other side for another 4 minutes.

. Then you add 1 bulb of chopped onions, a handful of green beans and mangetout, and a couple of diced carrots. (As much vegetables as you want really)

. Then, begin to stir the veggies and chicken together and after about 2 minutes I added soy sauce to the mixture.

. Continue stirring till the vegetables are tender and the chicken well cooked.

. At this point, switch off the stove and dish your scrumptious meal.

This has been my best chicken stir fry to date, and trust, I have done many in the past.

You know that feeling when you surprise yourself with something unexpected?

Yup, I was oohing and ahhing.

I ate it all with contentment!

Needless to say, I had it again for dinner the next day 🙂



Photo Credit: Sewafolie