Brighton Fashion Week is all about sustainable fashion! So the Showreel Design Competition mandated that the designers and artists create an outfit from a ‘Beauty from Waste’ brief, illustrating where fashion, art and performance collide.

The winner Afton Ayache, was awarded £1000 courtesy of Veolia. Her piece titled Les Couleurs D’Afrique Recycler was inspired by a heartfelt story of selflessness and appreciation for what we have. Waste was used to create African prints.

The Judges:

Jess Eaton – Designer

Cat Fletcher- Resource Goddess

Damian Santamaria- Director Sublime Magazine

Laura Santamaria- Director Sublime Magazine

The winner was announced by show sponsor Bolli Darling and founder of BFW.



Winning piece by Afton Ayache





Other contestants…

Bolli Darling



Elpida Hadiz-Vasileva 

Chicken skin and recycled cotton were used to explore the notions of beauty and elegance.


Genieve Couture

The piece was created using 58 recycled garments.


Anne Sophie

Tribal inspired garments, bringing old and unwanted junk back to life.


Haylel Trezise- Raggedy

Sculptural and textural design which explores confidence and the process of being reincarnated or born again.


Molly Rouge

This though provoking design explores the celebration of the natural world we live in.


Freya Von Bulow

The gown was made using technical manipulation and designed to raise awareness of production processes, claiming efficient recycling solutions.


Juliette Simon

A journey through the dark side of the American dream.


Some of the pieces were jaw dropping, and all pieces definitely captivated the audience who couldn’t get enough.

My favourite was definitely this

The colours are everything! And the performance used to showcase it was very intriguing.

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