Remember my interview with Ava Brown the Author and inspirational Speaker? Read here.

I was finally able to read the book based on her life story earlier this month and I’m amazed by the tenacity in which she presently leads her life. Previous to reading the book, I had learned about her struggles growing up in a poor family and suffering the gruesome reality that most children from her community did with the lack of resources or opportunities. However, the book blew me away and it was hard to believe what I was reading had actually happened.

Sometimes, we think we have it bad until we hear another persons story, then we begin to count our blessings fervently. When she talks about gratitude for where she currently is, you begin to understand that we humans have a soul made of steel. The fact that her experiences didn’t break her is incredible.

From her childhood, she had to assume responsibilities for her family and younger ones that were well beyond things a child of her age should have been doing. Not only did she have to walk around town and even most times to other far away towns to sell the mangoes that eventually fed her and her family. She also had to deal with paternal issues, step parent woes, and a traumatizing robbery in her early twenties where she was held at gun point that threatened her life as well as that of her daughter’s.

Then her journey to London seemed like what in Nigeria we call ‘from frying pan to fire.’ Not only did she have to remain sane for her family’s sake in order to continue to provide for them, she also had to get accustomed to a new way of life living all alone and away from the people she loved and cared about, only to then be mistreated and exploited.

Ava Brown is one gem who’s taken a stance to live this life boldly, fearlessly and passionately, and I will definitely be cheering her on!

For an inspirational book to give you a fresh perspective on life, read Ava Brown’s Bamboo & Fern now!

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