primark clothes


primark clothes


If you’ve been following this blog for a while and have been reading my style posts, then you’d know that I’m all about thrifty shopping. Your girl is just not in that space to be throwing away wards of cash on cool banging outfits. And even though I did, I’d rather use it on my next holiday tbh.

As the weather begins to change, we’re bound to pack on more clothing to keep ourselves warm because the cold is no child’s play, at least for me. I hate being cold! Funnily enough, I can no longer also stand the tropical heat, so I’m usually stuck complaining about weather for one reason or the other.. lol

Anyway, this post is all about getting into autumn with style, but that needn’t cause you to break the bank so here’s my take on slaying for cheap.

Both the sweater and skirt are from Primark while the heels are from an online store I stumbled upon a few years ago and had purchased from them only once, but the heel I had got lasted for years, in fact it was my go to heels because it was comfortable as well as chic. I’m sure you’ll remember this heel in many of my style posts. So when I decided it was time to get a new pair, I hurried on toΒ ikrush.comΒ again for these banging ones.


primark clothes



This whole outfit cost me 54 pounds and guess what? I can totally rock them in so many other different ways which is a steal for many outfits to come. You can check out this post where I showed you how to turn your work outfit into a banging going out outfit.

Its great when you zero in on your personal style and have fun with it. For me, the clothes in my wardrobe must be able to create many more outfits because ain’t nobody got money to waste on wearing an outfit once.
primark clothes


What do you think of my autumn style?

I must say the mustard colored skirt is unusual of my palette, but when I saw it on the racks, I had to get it πŸ™‚

Would love to hear your thoughts, please share!
primark clothes


White scalloped sweater- 10 pounds from Primark

Mustard slit skirt- 14 pounds from Primark

Black heels with gold detail- 29.99 pounds from iKrush

Photography by me using the timer on my Nikon D3100 and a tripod.