This year has been inundated with a lot of firsts and epiphanies. Many of which have been great, but with a few ugly truths thrown in for good measure.

In summary? It’s been an amalgamation of finding Lize and evolving to the person that I am and want to be. This journey of finding one’s self has been talked about a lot this year, however, I believe mine began to gain steam in the summer of 2012.

That year, I decided it was time to learn more about recent history that my expensive private education in Lagos hadn’t afforded me. I was disappointed about how much I still didn’t know and decided it was time to work on it. So that summer, after my first year at University, I went to my local library and borrowed books from all the subjects I was curious about. So much had happened that was still linked to present events and I needed to connect the dots and find my sanity in the midst of it all. It was obvious that if I wanted the real truth, I would have to go searching myself. The news outlets and media top dogs (read- western) just didn’t do it anymore.

With the birth of 2013, I realised my creative flairs and potential, and began to work my way to believing in myself more and progressing in my skills. I had a major first when in what seemed like the blink of an eye I was creating fiction content and managing a creative website with over 100k monthly views.

In 2014, more things began to make a whole lot of sense. I was growing and gaining an education (and I don’t mean formal education) like no other. My chosen degree (Psychology & Sociology) was merging beautifully with my growing ideals and I was fully coming into my own. I was having undoubtedly the best conversations with friends and chance strangers alike than I ever did, and I soaked up all I could garner from them, of course critically and analytically. My reality was becoming whole; I got to understand a variety of views and learned how to hold my own, but also allowing room for objectivity in order to be tolerant and understanding of others’. It was this year that I fully began my healthy living lifestyle which I’m striving to keep for the rest of my life.

I also learnt the best lesson in the most excruciating way. I was never to doubt my capabilities ever again. The time I momentarily gave up in 2012 came back to haunt me and I paid dearly, but now I know better.

2015? Like I said, it has been an amalgamation of many things. I had grand New Year’s resolutions. I made efforts to ensure that I saw them through, and for the majority of things, I did. I have so much to be thankful for this year; it hasn’t always been easy but every step has been worth it. There have been a lot of firsts indeed! From going on my first business trip, to writing content for Bella Naija and The Naked Convos, to being short listed for the Etisalat Prize For Literature, it’s been amazing for sure.

However, the biggest epiphany of all was in November. I was tired of battling with endless questions and doing nothing about it, so went in search of a universal truth. What I found was beautiful, and as I carry on, I pray to continue to grow in this light and use it to illuminate others. Needless to say, this has changed my views in ways some will sadly fail to realise. I feel like I’m born again. The phrase itself has a whole new meaning and I’m happy and at peace.

Also, one of the best things of 2015 has been living in Lagos for the past month. Having been gone for so long, it’s been amazing being with family and friends who make me feel at ease and easily at home. I’ve travelled to many places, but nothing beats Lagos. There’s something magical that persists in the chaos of Lagos. I’ve been mad at some things and the sheer audacity of some people, but even those are unable to mar the whole experience. The saying- There’s no place like home, is so apt.


With the many blessings 2015 offered, I’m looking forward to 2016 with delight! I believe it will be my crowning moment and that I’ll flourish in all that I aim to accomplish.

It’s crazy how the year hasn’t even begun but I’m already in February (i.e I’ve already got things planned till then!)

In 2016, I’m looking forward to having more collaboration with other passionate creatives. I might seem like an extrovert, but I’m really not, so this is an open call. If you feel my vibe and would like to create something awesome together, my inbox is always open.

Another goal I would love to accomplish is to be part of a collective. There’s nothing more exciting than being friends with and exchanging/creating ideas with similar minded and passionate people.

Another resolution will be to continue to grow spiritually and improve on my photography skills. I’m already working on my first photo series so watch out for that.

There are a few other resolutions, but I’ll keep those private.

Thank you for being a part of my 2015!

May we live better, in harmony and peace with all beings.